abriella Ronegas, the creation of four dear friends, is the muse of the designers who make up the inner workings of Gabriella Ronegas Designs, Inc.

manda Lingle [Owner & Designer]
   Amanda has had quite a transition since beginning her career at GRD, Inc. as an Intern to our design assistant to our operations and finance coordinator. This change in job titles has transformed Amanda from a budding designer to running the financial and back office operations of the business. This means really exciting stuff like legal and personnel issues, taxes, bills, etc. Amanda has moved into this temporary role to learn all aspects of the design business. This doesn’t mean she has completely relinquished her design ambitions. She remains our color specialist, continues to see a limited number of clients, and adds to our website with her amazing photography.


3210 Arbor Avenue • Livermore, CA 94550
tel: 510.792.3682 • email